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Bach jazzed up, except it’s not, well . . . . . maybe a bit.

These pieces are split into left & right hand, the left is played on double bass & the right is on the piano.

Peter May, sadly passed in 2018.


Exactly as Bach wrote them.

But then add Peter May on brush kit & hey presto! jazzed up Bach.

I originally put this album together to be played as background music for dinner parties.


Track list;

1) 2 part invention no.1 in C major
2) prelude VI
3) 3 part invention no.3 in D major
4) jesu joy of man’s desiring
5) 2 part invention no. 6 in E major
6) English Suite in Gmin Prelude
7) minuet in D min
8) Piano piece in E flat major
9) Prelude & Fugue V in D major
10) Air On the G string
11) 3 part invention no.6 in E major
12) 3 part invention no.4 D minor
13) Prelude & Fugue no.2 in C minor
14) 3 part invention no.14 in Bflat
15) 3 part invention no.12 in Amajor
16) 2 part invention no.8 in Fmajor
17) 3 part invention no.10 in Gmajor
18) 2 part invention no.3 in Dmajor
19) 3 art invention no.1 in Cmajor
20) 2 part invention no.2 in Cmin
21) 3 part invention no.8 in Fmajor
22) 3part invention no.9 in Fminor
23) toccata & fugue in Dmin


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